ENSYS and ENSYS Group - we have expertise in Electrical, Power & Energy, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering Field. We continue to escalate our skill and knowledge to the next level in order to maximize our customer's and stakeholder's satisfaction. We have been delivering end-to-end value creations ranging from design, procurement, product & system supply, construction, operation, and maintenance as well as investment in the Power and Energy projects.


ENSYS Co., Ltd. today is focusing on the following Business Areas;

       HV Substation&Transmission Line, Renewable and Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant

       Plant Electrification, Plant System Integration, and Balance of Plant

       Operation&Maintenance for Renewable Power Plants

       Investment in Power and Energy Business


The followings are 25 years path of our journey


1996 - 1997 From Trader to EPC

Ensys Co., has been established in 1996 as a Trading Company that supply AEG Motor & Drive for heavy industries such as Pulp Paper, Cement, Metal, Steel, and Mining. In 1997, we expanded our business area to cover Engineering, Procurement, and Construction for High Voltage Substation, mobile E-House for mining application and Plant Electrification.


1999 became a local partner for Alstom Group.


2005 became a local partner of Areva T&D for products and systems.


2007 entered to renewable energy business together with Areva Bioenergies to construct 2 projects of 9.9MW Biomass Power Plants (Rice Husk).


2009 need of having inhouse engineering design capability to meet projects and customers requirements and that when ENSYS Engineering Co., Ltd has been established.


2010 started our first Solar Related System by Consortium with Conergy to build a 9.9MW Solar Farm in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. In the following years, we have extended the solar-related systems to Solar Rooftop, Solar Floating, Hybrid&Smart Grid Solution.


2011 started our first Operation&Maintenance Business for 8MWac Solar Power Plant in Nakhon Ratchasima. Then we rolled out our Operation&Maintenance Capability to Biomass Plant in 2016.


2016 decided to invest in the VSPP Biomass and Solar Power Plants under the establishment of ENSYS Power Co., Ltd. In 2018 ฺBG ENSYS Co., Ltd. has been established to invest in Solar Rooftop and Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant (ORC) in Kabinburi, Prachinburi.


2019 together with a French partner, Enertime, we have taken our first contract of 1.8MW ORC Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant. In the meantime, we have started to promote the technology of our French-German partner, CNIM-Martin Waste to Energy (WTE) system to go along with WTE Business in Thailand. 


2020 contracted to build 8MWp Solar Floating Project in Prachinburi.

In addition, we won the bidding of 15 years BOOT of 5.6MWp solar farm in the Greater Male Region, Maldives. These are our small steps toward international renewable business. 


Today, ENSYS has been delivering EPC Projects more than 50 Projects of Solar Related Systems, 50 HV Substations, and 100MW Biomass Power Plants as well as more than 150MW O&M of small renewable power plants.